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We have the desire to make a big impression with the company’s offering. 

We, being Kiz, an Australian who lived in Sydney for 15 years and Jonny, a Dublin native, are well used to a developed coffee culture, and keen to use our experience to ensure that really good coffee becomes accessible to busy Dubliners. Drive Thru coffee shops are commonplace Down Under, and now Ireland has the coffee bug, we believe that making good coffee available to people on the go is the obvious next step.  Recognising the shift in the way people think about coffee, and identifying the wish to learn more of the crop to cup journey, we have ensured that the Thru the Green coffee story is at the forefront of our business. On our coffee journey we have worked with some of the best cafes, visited top fincas (farms) and went to the home of the top coffee beans in Central America to ensure we are bringing only the best back to your cup each day. We are determined to pass on our extensive knowledge, skill and precision. 













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Working at thru the green is so much more than making speciality coffee, it’s all about having fun being yourself with the customers and your teammates.


Working with us

We believe a happy environment is a successful environment so we thrive not only to brighten our customers’ day but also eachothers, and this philosophy seems to be working!



We know the full package is hard to come by, so we are more than delighted to provide some coffee making, latte art designing or even ipad working training. Once you’ve the attitude, we’ve got the tools.


So, we are the right company for you? How to apply?


Its straight forward and we want the real you, not the ‘CV version’ of yourself. We welcome any age, experience or interest and just request just a few small details. Ready…Go…


What: Attach your resume to the email, no need for a cover letter, but tell us what makes you passionate about your job?


When: Ongoing, we are always looking for talent and are continually growing.


Where: The email address is


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Dundrum Road, Windy Arbour, Dublin 14.